Privacy Policy

Red Ice Creative completely understands how valuable your personal privacy is. This is the reason why we have thoughtfully come up with a privacy policy that respects and protects your personal details or information.
The company’s privacy policy provides a detailed explanation of the different types of information that we collect from you, the reasons behind such actions and our efforts to protect your privacy as well as our own.
What Information do we collect?
• We may collect personal information which include your name, contact details such as your physical address, email addresses and phone numbers.
• We may also collect your business information such your company name, company address, employee email address, and office contact numbers.
• Payment information will be obtained such as your credit card number, paypal account, billing address and other payment details.
• The company may also collect other circumstantial information such as your updated resume, company recommendations, tax information, Tax File Number, residency status, bank details, business permits, skills, qualifications and character references if necessary.
You have the right to withhold any information we wish to collect from you, however, you are required to agree with the consequences of not providing the required information.
Why We Collect Such information
There are several reasons why Red Ice Creative collects the all or some of the above mentioned types of information:
• For employment purposes
• For sign ups/ email promotions
• For Feedback and Complaints Purposes
• For Products and services requests purposes
How We Collect Your Information
The company has the to right to ask for specific information from our customers in order to continue our services. The company may directly coordinate with you to obtain the needed details either by phone, email, fax, snail mail correspondence or through our website. However in certain situations, the company may also rely on a third party collections firm to collect the information that we may need from you.
How We Protect Your Privacy
The company takes all the responsibility of keeping your personal and sensitive information safe and confidential. Third party collectors or firms are also bound to secrecy and take responsible precautions to safe guard all the personal information that they have gathered.
We make sure that the website and its third part affiliates use the latest information protection technology. Every bit of information submitted on the website is automatically encrypted to prevent hackers and other parties with malicious intent from accessing your information.
Privacy Complaints, Feedback or Inquiries
Any complaints, questions or feedback with regard to our privacy policy shall be directed to our company’s legal department. You may contact us and submit your inquiries through our “Contact” page, call or visit Red Ice Creative.