Pop/Rock Band Faith and Gasoline are bringing back what music is really about! Made up of three Melbourne men; Gary Trovato (Vocals/Guitar), Leon Kechayas (Drums) and Josh Vuocolo (Bass) the band uses their own experiences to create real music that is meaningful and raw.

With producer Sam Panetta who has worked with the likes of Kylie Minogue, Crowded House and Hunters & Collectors, Faith and Gasoline released their debut EP ‘Highway Rolls to Dark’ in 2012. The EP featured their song ‘Reality Hurts’ which became a YouTube sensation with more than 120,000 views. With the success of their first EP, The boys went back to the studio and created their follow up ‘Better Left Unsaid’ which was released in December 2013.

Red Ice Creative has provided creative support for Faith and Gasoline by building a fan base and followers. Our team has created a website which expresses the bands personality. The website provides fans and followers with information on the band’s tour dates, updates on what the band is working on, photos and background information. There is even a tab where you can buy the band’s EP and other merchandise like T-shirts. Red Ice Creative has also assisted Faith and Gasoline with creating and editing their catalogue of music videos which has exploded the bands brand online.




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